Upcoming Election


As everyone by now should know, a general election is in progress. Voting is on May. 2 but there are other opportunities to vote:

  1. By mail now
    • Votes have to be received in Ottawa by May. 2
  2. Advance polls
    • April. 22
    • April. 23
    • April. 25

For more information on how to vote and the candidates in your riding, please visit Elections Canada.


Hey, we have all been there. It is the end of term and you have not paid attention to politics in Canada at all. Here are a few of my favorites to get you up to date. If all fails, Wikipedia is the answer…

  1. Why Stop Harper
    • I am not that far through, but the topics are pretty on point. Only criticism is the lack of links leading to exact quotes or if one wanted to know more information
  2. CBC Canada Votes 2011
    • Comprised of the latest news items on the federal candidates, the Political Compass that lets a user see which party her politics lines up with, and a Reality Check feature that checks the validity of candidate promises
  3. Rabble.ca
    • A Canadian news site where you can find campaign coverage and news items
  4. The Tyee

That’s all I can think of right now. Now pardon me while I try to get up to date with everything. Wish me luck…