Biiig Post

Ok, how did I get bronchitis in April? Why was it snowing on Burnaby campus today? Why was it snowing in Chilliwack? Why do I feel the need to dance?

This is a big post because I have lots to… post.


If you don’t know by now, my drag king persona is DICK HARDY! I will be performing at the Cultch (1895 Venables St.) April. 29 @ 8pm as part of the IGNITE! Youth Festival. That night is the ‘Fruit Basket’ night, but the week of shows goes from April. 25-30. Tickets are cheap so go one (or multiple) nights!

One of the performers is Ponyboy and he is awesome! I attended the Drag Workshop put on by the Cultch hosted by him and drag queen Isolde N. Barron. If you are interested in drag, attend Apocalypstick at the Cobalt every Sunday night show at 11pm! Check out HD video from Sunday nights here.

Ponyboy did a recent interview after the Drag King show Man Up! at the Astoria. I only saw the first half but it was so cool seeing so many drag king acts in one night. LOVE IT.

Ok, I am too tired to post anymore. Will do more tomorrow…