For God’s Sake Don’t Vote Conservative

Read this article if you think that Harper is the cause of Canada’s economic ‘security’.

  • Politics and economics do not always mix
  • Harper is a liar to claim that his government is the reason why Canada’s economy is doing well
  • Canada’s economy, like all other country’s economies, exists in, and is affected by, the international sphere
  • Canada is more regulated than the US THANK GOD

I am just unable to ‘get over’ the prorogation of Parliament, the 1 BILLION on G8/G20, the Bev Oda scandal, and fighter jets. What else am I forgetting? I am not saying that Ignatieff or Layton is the answer, but that Harper is NOT the answer!

My favorite comment on the article has to be this:

“Mr. Harper faces east in the morning and says, “Rise!”

Also, visit SHIT HARPER DID to get a taste of what Harper has done while reigning his throne

ETA: Check this article on ‘The Tyee’ about Election Web Stuff. I don’t know how well things like this work, because unless you are interested in elections/politics in the first place…

But check out this woman she is hilar!