Chilliwack – ABC: Anything but Conservative

Please Chilliwack, with the retirement of Big Strahl do not vote in little Strahl. It is ridiculous to think that Mark had no idea that his father was retiring! Imagine if your father or mother held an extremely important job and did not discuss the life-changing decision with the kids. Of course he knew.

Plus, announcing retirement just a week before candidates were due is a very sneaky move that ensured his son would get in. Nepotism at its best. For what, 17 years Chilliwack has been ruled by the Conservatives?! It is time for change. How about the young Green candidate Jamie Hoskins, or two women candidates NDP Gwen O’Mahoney and Liberal Diane Janzen?

Strahl barely attended any candidate debates expecting to get by on name alone. Please, prove him wrong and show that the citizens of Chilliwack will not stand for undemocratic means.

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