Election Results

Oh shi–

The worst has happened – a Conservative majority. This makes me sick to my stomach. Imagine what the next four years has in store for the all those (60% of voters) who voted against the Conservatives… cutbacks to the arts, education, social welfare, the environment, and health care system. Get ready for more privatization, and tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations.

The good news:

  • Elizabeth May won her seat as the first Green candidate in Parliament. Next election season they must include her in the debates. YAY
  • The NDP had an incredible and inspiring surge in popularity. The NDP are now the Official Opposition, but what power do they actually wield?
  • The Bloc hardly exists, but now the NDP has many French MPs. I wonder how their positions might shift and whether Layton will do a sufficient job in Ottawa representing the interests of Quebec. Duceppe is also stepping down, but will a new leader reinvigorate this federal party? Is separatism dead in Quebec, or will it continue provincially?
  • 61% of the Canadian population voted, which is up 35% from 2008
  • 25% of MPs are women

The bad news (other than the Conservative majority):

  • Watching Igantieff’s speech was a little heart-breaking. I don’t think he’s going to last much longer, even though I do like him. Now, will he and Layton be blamed for the Conservative majority? Or are we going to fault Canada’s ‘First Past the Post’ electoral system?
  • Ujjal Dosanjh is stepping down and will no longer be involved in politics

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