Chilliwack Civic Election

Wow, it is November and that means that civic elections are coming up!! Yeah! This makes me so excited!!

Anyway, on Saturday November 19, 2011 between 8am – 8pm those citizens living in Chilliwack will vote in:

  • 6 City Councillors
  • 7 School District no.33 Trustees
  • 5 Cultas Lake Park Board Commissioners

There were no other mayoral candidates other than the incumbent Sharon Gaetz, so she will continue to serve for another 3 years. Take that as you will…

For more information on who is eligible to vote and where that voting takes place, please visit the City of Chilliwack website

Want to know more about the candidates? View their Q&As and other articles here

Unfortunately, there are no self-identifying Aboriginal persons running for city councillor. This is disappointing seeing as Chilliwack has a large Aboriginal population and with the new development at Eagle Landing/Evans Road an Aboriginal city councillor could bring a different perspective to the very business and development focused Chilliwack municipal government.

As well, I find that when candidates talk about “bringing common sense back to Chilliwack” or some other variation of the sentiment, I find it difficult to understand what they mean! Same with “traditional values and beliefs”. So, do you mean you want to bring more of your religion’s beliefs and values into government? More un-feminist thought and language? I think Chilliwack has enough as it is! It is so off-putting, especially to younger voters and to those who aren’t religious. But, when seniors vote in ferocious packs, who can blame them for throwing around aspirational ideals of traditional old-timey values to garner more support??!!

If I still lived in Chilliwack, I would vote for Sue Attrill, Phill Bruce, Dick Harrington, Jason Lum, Mitchell Nosko, and Chuck Stam. But hey, that’s just my opinion!

FYI: Underlined names are a link to their info/website



  • Twitter
  • Incumbent
  • Supposedly snubs kids at awards ceremony?! LOL here


  • Didn’t film a youtube video!! Hardly any info out there!
  • Ran in the 2008 election. I think I remember him at UFV during a debate. Didn’t quite care for his ‘platform,’ if you could call it that.


  • Hardly any infoormation available, except this article from the 2008 election here


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  1. Just a note that people living in Cultus Lake, Chilliwack River Valley and Columbia Valley will also have an opportunity to vote for their elected representative. There are two people running for this position. The incumbent Dave Lamson and and Taryn Dixon. I like Dave but I’m cheering on Taryn :-)

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