Surrey Civic Election

Live in the City of Surrey and don’t know who the hell to vote for come Saturday? Too busy drinking to read the candidate statements that came in the mail weeks ago? Stabbed in the arm on the 502 bus and can’t turn a page? Instead, check out my picks for the 2011 municipal election!

Yeah, yeah, this is a VERY late post but what the hell. I won’t go through all the councillors etc.. but instead will pick my favorites. How do I pick my favorites? Well, I like YOUTH, progressive ideas, pragmatism, and intelligence…. some candidates couldn’t even spell correctly.

Why do I constantly receieve phone calls and mail from Langley candidates? I LIVE IN SURREY OKAY. I know it’s hard for some to distinguish anything outside of Vancouver, but it is not that difficult! Side note: if one more person says there is no difference between Abbotsford and Chilliwack I will shit myself! If you can’t get it straight I will blog about you in semi-anonymity!

Again, if you don’t know what the hell an election is or what to do, visit this little link

PS: Why are so many of the candidate’s videos unlisted when they are hosted on the City of Surrey Youtube Channel i.e. only those with the link are able to view? If average Joe decided to google the candidates, he would not be able to access this information.


I don’t like anyone



  • Chelali, Moh: Focused on special needs students

  • Dhillon, Sukhy: Really smart with lots of experience with kids and anti-racist initiatives

  • Dobie, Charlene: ECE Special needs educator with French background and interest in Aboriginal programs

  • Hillsdon, Paul: A little too theoretical, but I like his optimism and youth

  • Sidhu, Ram: Interest in anti-racism, women’s issues, etc.

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