The City of Surrey: Crime Lives Here

For the second time in about a month and a half my back license plate was stolen while in Surrey. Does someone have it out for me? This time, instead of unscrewing the bolts, the thief(s) pulled the plate straight off leaving half of each plastic screw in place.

This is not to mention my car being broken into two times in the past two years. Plus a drive by ‘egging’ which left protein all over my driver’s side. At this point, it is absurd the abuse my poor car has taken.

One break-in and presumably both license plate thefts happened at King George and Fraser Highway. Whalley… why do you exist?

Another problem with Surrey: the lack of parking. It cost me $6 to park a minimum of 12 hours at King George Skytrain Station. If one decides to park in the residential areas, a Parks and Rec worker will come by, mark your tires, and eventually tow your vehicle if over the two to three hour limit.

What of transit? It sucks ass. In order to make it to class on time I have to wake up at 6am and be on the bus 55 minutes later because commuting takes TWO HOURS from Surrey to Burnaby SFU ONE WAY. TWO HOURS. One would think that that time is best spent doing homework or reading, but that’s only possible if you are able to concentrate in a bus packed like sardines with people suffering from coffee-breath. YES, YOUR BREATH STINKS AFTER DRINKING COFFEE. DEAL

Oh God, what about the men who sit down and SPREAD THEIR LEGS into other’s space? YOUR JUNK ISN’T THAT BIG. DEAL

SURREY SUCKS. I grew up here and currently live here so it will always have a special place in my heart, but it is riddled with crime and has poor transit – among other problems which I won’t even get into