So I am unofficially graduated from Simon Fraser University

Unofficially because I will not walk across the stage until June. And I have one damn exam left on the last possible day on which exams are held. And I have not received my final grades. But whatever, no more essays EVER!

Oh SFU, how I loathed you. We did have a few good times, a few good profs, a few good classes, but overall I should have gone to military school.

I say military because YOU CANNOT FAIL POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION. At least education in the Arts. Science/Business/Etc are entirely different. As an Arts student (Political Science major and Gender/Sexuality/Women’s Studies minor REPRESENT,) I felt as if I was babied and pushed through in a carriage my whole five years. Some profs just did not care, either. I CRAVE DISCIPLINE… mostly because I have none myself. SFU’s ‘school spirit’ sucks too. Who attends sports events? At the end I was commuting FOUR HOURS to go to school for 2 hours of class! Sitting in a Surrey bus in traffic is NOT FUN. Even with Mariah Carey on your iPod…

This duet is FLAWLESS. Beiber’s puberty cracked voice harmonizes nicely with Carey’s shrieking yet oddly soothing vocals. Combined with the sleeping grunts of rhinestoned Ed Hardy Surrey residents, the cracking of beer cans from over-worked and under-washed construction employees, and the vile coffee-breath of tired bus passengers, the ride down Fraser Highway was weirdly consoling.

Anyway, the point is that I am done with school and I never want to go back. EVER. Lest I end up a grad student…



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