RECIPE: Holiday Baking – Vegan Spiced Nuts, Pecan Poppers

As with last year, this year I was in charge of the holiday feast. Last year’s dinner was beautiful and delicious so this year I wanted to push myself even further… though my plans inevitably changed. Unfortunately in the mess of baking, cooking, and eating, I forgot to take pictures of the main meal so instead you shall be privy to my wonderful and amazing drawings!

Also, most recipes I made were either vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-free to the surprise of my family. Also also, these recipes are really easy for the non-baker like me!

The recipes are linked to the title of the food item (can I get any more technical and robot sounding? hahaha)


Vegetarian & Dairy Free – The overwhelming response was incredibly positive. Everyone loved these and they went very fast! The second batch hardly kept up with demand. One aspect of the recipe I changed was the cooking time. Half an hour is way too long and my nuts started burning (hahaha.) 20 minutes is long enough!


Vegan – Mine were vegetarian because I had to substitute honey for the agave syrup. The nuts were spicy and left an aftertaste of sriracha sauce on the palate. They weren’t my personal favourite but my friends and family who liked spicy foods loved them. Would definitely make again. Just be careful not to let them burn!


Vegetarian & Dairy Free – As usual, just use Earth Balance instead of butter and gelatin free marshmallows. My absolute favourite! I made two batches plus an extra one today solely for myself.


Vegetarian (although they could be made vegan) – Used honey instead of agave syrup which turned out fine. These balls tasted SO peanut buttery! Too much for my taste, even though it was only 1/4 cup… And they don’t really ‘set’ so to speak – they just gel together a little bit.


5 thoughts on “RECIPE: Holiday Baking – Vegan Spiced Nuts, Pecan Poppers

  1. I loved the nuts you gave aria! They were so good! Would you send me the recipe? Also, where do you get the vegan marshmallows?

    1. Thanks Miranda! The recipe should be the linked to the title of the food item. I will check to see that I did it correctly… I didn’t use vegan marshmallows but I have seen them at health food stores like Nature’s Fare in Langley if my memory isn’t going haha. There’s lots of recipes online too but I have never tried them as they look kind of complicated

  2. Ooo looks filling and healthy! I’ve been trying to eat more vegan but that’s a tough route to ‘try’. All in moderation. I think this recipe makes it…haha

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