RECIPE & FOOD REVIEW: Imagine’s Organic Biologique Savoury Beef Gravy, Dairy-Free Tuna Grilled Cheese

This post is long overdue. So much so that I have sloppily taken pictures of food located all over my harddrive and it is beginning to annoy me. Usually misplaced files don’t bother me, but when you’re looking for a specific picture and you end up with a pile of old gravy files it’s time for some change in one’s organizing abilities…

REVIEW: Imagine’s Organic Biologique Savoury Beef Gravy

So the 99 cent sticker should have warned me, but I can’t resist a good deal. Came home to make one of my absolute favorite dishes of all time: poutine. Dairy-free to be exact. After the grueling task of cooking frozen fries and topping them with mounds of delicious but expensive Daiya cheese, I heated up this carton of beef juice. And that’s exactly what it tasted like. Liquid cow. Not even like a delicious beef dip. This ‘savoury’ beef gravy is what I imagine might be served in hell. After tasting it from its saucepan, recoiling in disgust, I still poured it over the fries. Yet another mistake. The dish was ruined and now I know not to buy expired cartons of gravy just because they are on sale. Yeah, I said it. Expired. Please, no scolding is needed for I have learned my lesson

RECIPE: Easy Dairy-Free Tuna Grilled Cheese

Yeah, I am not the most talented photographer but you get the point, right? Anyway, this recipe is so easy and probably not that healthy but if you are a hungry college student and must whip something up quick, here you go.

  • 2 slices whole grain bread
  • Half can dolphin friendly tuna
  • Handful Daiya cheese

  1. Pop the bread into the toaster
  2. Drain a can of tuna and save half for later
  3. Once toast is done, place thin layer of Daiya on one piece of bread, then flaked tuna, then another thin layer of cheese, then last piece of toast
  4. Place on small plate and microwave 15 seconds. Flip over and microwave for another 15 seconds
  5. Ideally, serve with a garlic dill pickle and ketchup

RECIPE: Easy Tuna Mixed Green Salad

This is another easy recipe which can use up that other half can of tuna. Yummy! I eat this often because of its ease, because it is inexpensive, and usually all ingredient are on hand

  • Greens (favorites are red leaf and curly lettuces)
  • Half can of dolphin friendly tuna (or other protein)
  • Crunchy vegetables, chopped (broccoli, bell peppers, cucumber)
  • More vegetables, diced (tomatoes, etc)
  • Fruit is good too (apples, berries)
  • 1/4 cup driend cranberries
  • Sprinkling pepitas or other seeds/nuts

  1. Place everything on plate in order
  2. Add salt and pepper and favorite salad dressing
  3. Eat a delicious, healthy meal. Quite often I eat this as my lunch, a HUGE salad with protein fills me up :-)