More Brian Jonestown Massacre

So I wrote about Anton Newcombe’s old band homeland on a previous post, but more demos have been put online and are posted below. The YouTube uploader says they are from 1987/88 and were recorded on a Fostex 4-Track machine. Enjoy!

35 minute footage of BJM live in ’03 that’s worth a look

’97 live footage

’98 live footage

Anton singing ‘Free & Easy’ live

The BJM are touring Spring 2012. May 3 is the Vancouver date and I do hope that it will be a calm show with no stage or audience antics. Last time’s show was awesome and jam-my, but an audience member threw a bottle on stage and the band walked off. If this happens again I will be heart-broken. At least I got a t-shirt?

The question remains… will I go? Probably. It’s in support of their new album Aufheben, which is kind of on Youtube. As usual, it reminds me of My Bloody Valentine – shoe-gazey – lo-fi – older BJM. Anyway, we’ll see when the time comes…