Going Away

As a going away present from my place of work for over the past 2 and a half years, my coworkers bought me a Holga 135 camera. It was such a thoughtful gift! Already in my repertoire is the Holga 120, but it is a bit expensive for film and development… Anyway, out of 36 pictures only 14 worked out and that’s because when it isn’t extremely sunny outside, you need to use the flash attachment! Not even the blaring neon lights of a restaurant kitchen is enough to illuminate the photo.

On to the pictures! The ones that did turn out were, understandably, taken outside in the sun. Most of them are just of my best friend and I fooling around on a playground. As this was my first roll on the camera, I was playing with the focus and multiple exposures to see what would work. The focus didn’t make much of a difference, but the photos which were exposed mutliple times turned out pretty cool. Also, this was done on Redscale XR Negative 35mm film 50-200.


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