St. Patrick’s Day

Yeah, come at me! This is a day late but I do what I want!

Oh God, this never gets old

Anyway, I have to say that I am NOT a big St. Patrick’s Day fan. I think it might have to do with everyone suddenly becoming Irish… or the fact that it’s a Catholic holiday. Regardless, sitting at home with a beer to celebrate the man who eradicated ‘snakes’ from Ireland is a lot more fun than a pub filled with Surrey’s finest.

But today is the day after, where all those who celebrated into the wee hours o’ the morn are now nursing a Republic-sized headache of Guinness and Jameson. This means that I can now revel in some Irishness with a movie marathon of films about the Irish without starring any Irish-born actors!
Oh Hollywood, you sexist racist son-of-a-gun!

First up is The Boxer
The only thing you need to know about this 1997 film is that is stars a young Daniel Day-Lewis and features an amazing haircut (opinion coming from an amateur barber here)

Ugh, I cannot find a picture that fully glamourizes this typical ’90s style, but the back has these subtle ‘steps’ cut in and the temples are shaved leaving about an inch and a half length on the crown. Now I need to find a willing participant to help me actualize this…

Next is the movie Hunger
The only thing you need to know about this 2008 film is that supposed woman-beater Michael Fassbender plays Bobby Sands and goes the Christian Bale ‘skinny-for-a-movie’ route. Politics aside, this movie made me cry and any movie that makes me cry inhabits a soft squishy place in my cold black Thatcher-like heart.

Lastly is the movie Breakfast on Pluto
This 2005 movie actually stars an Irish-born actor – Cillian Murphy. The only thing you need to know about this film is that he is amazing and makes one beautiful woman.

Ta-ta for now!