Vintage Camera Windfall

I landed upon a very great find: a bunch of vintage cameras! Woop woop! [Not an ICP call]

A couple of the cameras take 126 cartridge film so for now they are just for decoration [Though there are a few tutorials on the net about converting an empty 126 cartridge for 35mm film. A little too much effort at the moment. Where would I even find 126 film other than online?]

Anyway, the other camera is a Konica c35. Running on a small mercury battery, the camera is a nice introduction for those interested in the focus feature. Before, my only experience with focusing was with a foreground, large group, and an infinity option. This camera allows one to control the depth and focus of the picture with easily maneuverable rings around the lens of the Konica.

A lot of you reading may be thinking ‘I already know that!’ but I am a beginner and it is all new to me. Seriously, it is like I am seeing a three storey library for the first time! I never knew they existed!

To know more about the Konica c35, visit where many film camera manuals are listed.


As well, included in the batch of cameras was another flash attachment which still works! Score!

When we stumbled upon the cameras my sister was opening each one to see if they worked and inside the Konica was film. Oops, already exposed. So I decided to use up the rest of the film and develop it. After winding the film I took it out and the roll was labeled 1991, making the film about 22 years old!

Took it to Walmart and was charged 3 dollars because the negatives came out very dark. Boy was I surprised when images started to appear after scanning them though my film scanner! Turns out the focus works great. The fuzziness of the pictures must be a result of the old film. Here are the results and as always, hover over the picture to learn more.


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    1. Cool! I just got back from a trip and will be posting a new batch. Hope they turned out!

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