Here are pictures of my cousin’s wedding. It took place at the Indian Creek Village Winery in Ringwood, Oklahoma and was absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, though, it was the first time using a full roll of film in my Konica c35 camera and every picture I took outside turned out purple, overexposed, and grainy. The problem was remedied somewhat through Photoshop, but the pictures are still blurry and incomparable to ones shot in low light or indoors.

As I don’t know what I can do to fix the problem, in the future I will be only using this camera indoors. And word to the wise, before using any unfamiliar camera [from a thrift store or likewise,] shoot a test roll in different conditions to see how it performs before blindly using it for an important trip or event. Ugggh! REGRET is the worst emotion!

This is but one part of my trip, so I will explain in further depth the camera problems in a future post.


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