Anthropology of Love @ Backstage Lounge

This past Sunday, Anthropology of Love played the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island and I photographed most of their set. Other bands that played: Blake Acoustic, The Ponderosas, and Mercy Years. All were great in their own way so check them out.

Although I wasn’t feeling that well, and although my camera and film scanner were acting hellish, the photos turned out pretty decent. With the Konica c35, I used one roll of expired film [2008] and one roll of Fujifilm. Editing through Photoshop was pretty time intensive. Scanning left a lot of dust which I removed with the Filter->Noise option and the Clone Stamp tool. Other than that, the only changes I made were with cropping and a bit of Color Balance, Image->Auto Tone/Contrast/Color, and Adjustment->Brightness/Contrast and Levels. Also, some of the photos didn’t turn out that great in color, but changing them to grayscale improved the picture vastly.

I know some photographers don’t like Photoshop, but if it can improve the photo without removing its integrity, then why not? Photos were and are constantly touched-up and changed so I see no real problem with this. Besides, Cindy Sherman says its ok!

Anyway, this was my first time photographing a small venue with stage lights aka no flash. Beforehand I had googled how to do this and read tips on concert photography, but really all y’all have to do is get in there and try to see what works.

The following are more panoramic, so please click on them to enlarge!