BC Summer Games 2012

Last weekend the BC Summer Games was hosted in Surrey. As there was a photo contest, I decided to attend a few events and take a few pictures. I went to the Equestrian events behind Fraser Downs, as well as checked out the softball events held at the Cloverdale Athletic Park. Although I didn’t know who was competing and although the opening ceremonies were a little unorganized and created a lot of waste, I did enjoy the games.

My pictures didn’t turn out as well as expected. I am happy with most of the Holga 135 outdoor pictures [save for some of the dizzying double exposures,] but am disappointed with the Konica c35 indoor pictures – it does not do well with action shots and the focus is sometimes too bothersome to deal with.

And from the Konica c35… blurry… not good composition… etc. Learn from my mistakes!

The following are horrible pictures from the Holga. One has to be careful of that double exposure because it can ruin the entire photo!

There are more, but that’s enough of the The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Now, what photo should I enter into the contest?