Olympus Pen EE2

My dad is pretty cool. He picked up this little half-frame camera at Value Village for $15! I sure was surprised, as my sister just gifted me a half-frame Diana camera the week prior! The package for that one hasn’t even been cracked… Now I am swimming in cameras and wishing I had more friends to take photos of and a overflowing bank account for film and development!

Most of the pictures turned out well. I was documenting my best friend’s 25th birthday party and my hometown of Chilliwack, BC with the Olympus [Fujifilm 400] and with an $1 expired 2008 disposable camera picked up at a thrift store.

The Olympus worked best indoors and in indirect outdoor light. When I was unable to take photos due to the auto light detector, I turned the F-stop from AUTO to 4. Never having used the F-stop feature before, I was fooling around to see what would work. Nothing did. The pictures turned out overexposed and streaky.

Conversely, the expired camera gave wonky underexposed photos in indoor light without the flash and worked best in sunlight. Some of the photos are overexposed, but what are you going to do? It was $1!

Future plans:

  • To use black and white and/or 200 film
  • To continue use of Olympus Pen EE2 because it is super user-friendly [auto focus] and economical [half-frame doubles the amount of photos]
  • To learn how to correctly use the F-stop feature
  • To make more money for film and development
  • To convince my friends to participate in a photoshoot
  • To be paid for taking photos
  • To make a photo zine

Here are some of the photos I liked best

If you’re in the Lower Mainland and ever want your hair cut or dyed, give me a ring! Free, but no guarantees!

The last two photos had no ‘siblings’ so they were scanned in individually. From the expired disposable camera:

Obviously I did not take the photo above – my friend did!