Vancouver Gay Pride Parade

Last weekend was the Gay Pride parade and I went [my first time!] Although I was expecting more people, it was very crowded and blazing hot. Packing snacks and water was smart. Mmm almonds…

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures with expired film from 2008 with my Olympus Pen EE2 half frame camera. The photos didn’t turn out as I had expected, mostly due to the harsh sun – my camera doesn’t do well in direct light [hence the flares and overexposed streaks.] The expired film is also to blame, as well as the operator as I did not really have any rhyme or reason to my compositions.

Color was everywhere! The floats were great and so was everyone who marched. I wish I could’ve remembered the people and organizations I took pictures of, but my main focus was on having fun and being in the moment. Sometimes I find that the people taking the pictures forget to enjoy themselves.