FOOD REVIEW: Hardbite Potato Chips


On a whim at my local fruit and vegetable stand located around the corner from Langley’s Superstore, I bought a bag of Hardbite Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips in the wild onion & yogurt flavor for approx $2.50. Wanting to support something ‘farmer grown and farmer owned,’ the chips themselves are handmade, gluten-free, non-GMO & MSG, and have no artificial ingredients. Additionally, they are trans fat and cholesterol free.


These slices of potato do live up to their name, as they are hard and crunchy and just beautiful to look at. But unfortunately, the wild onion & yogurt flavor is lacking. Maybe I’m just used to the MSG soaked 99 cent chips from Walmart and the corner store, but I was underwhelmed even after consuming a whole bag’s worth.

I’m not completely writing these babies off, as other flavors might pack more punch, but the next time at the grocery store I’ll be picking up a bag of Miss Vickie’s balsamic vinegar & sweet onion instead.