Finally, It Is Here: Alanna’s Thrift Haul #1!


Phew, I have finally filmed, edited, and uploaded my first try at a thrift haul video. It has spent countless months on the back burner, but I did it! It may be bare bones without a fancy title, background music, and it may even be out of focus, but it will help me keep on keepin’ on and pushing forward with regard to my Etsy shop.


Over the past few months I have found that if I don’t spread myself too thin, my projects are more fulfilling and entertaining both for me to make and for others to watch. Now I hope focus solely on my website writing blog posts, continuing with photography, and working on my Etsy shop and its Facebook page. Priorities keep me sane!

Without further ado, here is Alanna’s Thrift Haul Video #1! Enjoy!