My Best Thrift Find? Is That Even Possible?


What is your best or favorite thrift discovery? I don’t think I have one, but my find from the other day comes pretty darn close! Yesterday out of the blue I decided to hop into my truck and peruse a few local thrift stores. Value Village was my last stop, as the stores and my home make an easy to follow geographic circle which does not waste gasoline.

When I pop into a Value Village, I usually check jewellery first and then housewares around the periphery as the clothes are expensive considering they are second-hand items. I don’t want to find an awesome dress or skirt only to find out that I can’t afford it so usually I’ll avoid the center aisles. Lately, though, I have started to check out the art section because those items are generally inexpensive for their quality and rarity. Well, on this fair-weathered day, I found one of my most amazing finds: A BEAUTIFULLY FRAMED SIGNED LIMITED-EDITION PRINT BY EUGENE ISAAC!


Eugene Isaac is a Northwest Coast Aboriginal artist [Kwakwaka’wakw] known for his paintings and carvings. I happened to stumble upon his Jada print of a yellow and blue butterfly which I immediately grabbed down from its shelf only to find out it was $20. $20!!!! How could someone give up this? And how could Value Village only sell it for $20?! Was I born with a horseshoe up my a–? So many questions flew through my head as my adrenaline shot through the roof.

When I finally waltzed up to the checkout till with this huge 30″x24″ piece of art, an old man came up behind me to ask whether I had just bought it and if he could take a gander. Wanting to show off my thrifting skills, I said of course and proceeded to bask in the glory of finding a gold-covered needle in a haystack full of worn crochet hooks. Isn’t that how the saying goes?


After taking the print home and shining it up with a little bit of glass cleaner, I logged onto the computer to see if I could find the original price. And boy, did I ever score a deal! The print itself is worth $80 and the frame it is in is probably 2x that amount. Anyone who has had something framed knows how much $$$ it costs regardless of the value of its contents.

Now, as I admire the print just sitting here in my room, I wonder whether to keep it or to give it to my parents who love scoring deals as much as I do. The latter is most likely, as I want as many people as possible to see this print and to know that Value Village has amazing deals on art – all you have to do is dig around a bit!

EDIT: It is now hanging in the hallway at my parents’ place!

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To view some of Eugene Isaac’s carvings, click HERE
To buy some of his work, click HERE or HERE


3 thoughts on “My Best Thrift Find? Is That Even Possible?

    1. Thanks! Art at thrift stores seems to be an untapped resource at least where I live. I’ve found a couple other nice pieces too. Also, LOVE your blog!

      1. Thank you! Yea this post fits well with a recent post I did on things you didn’t know you could find at a thrift store. As you’ve pointed out, art could definitely be one of those things:)

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