DIY: Crocheting Amugurumi Octopuses


Due to stress and my general inability to sleep when night approaches, crocheting has become my new ‘thing.’ When the hook is in hand and when the ball of yarn is tangled by my legs, there is little else to focus on. And that is a good thing.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to ‘the crochet’ as I like to call it when I’m feeling old and crotchety. Tendinitis. Up until this point of my life I have remained relatively healthy with no broken bones or major injuries. But now, out of all the injuries I could have had over the years, I get tendinitis.


Like how all horror stories start, mine began when I decided to clean my room. Finally choosing to do something with the multiple stacks of magazines at the end of my bed, I flipped through each issue cutting out images for another ‘thing’ of mine: collaging.

After about three stacks, my right hand began to tire so I changed to my left. Bad decision. A 500+ page fall edition of Vogue magazine was my downfall, as all of a sudden my wrist went snap crackle pop and I was left reeling from the pain. Sucking it up like the dope I am, the pain and swelling continued for about a week before I walked into a clinic.


The doctor informed me that I had a case of Mommy’s Thumb. Otherwise known as Gamer’s Thumb or the more scientific De Quervain syndrome. He informed me that there is no known cause, to down a couple pills each day, and to come back after a week if the pain subsists. Luckily the pills did their job and I did not have to return. But now, as I had to move all my hand activities to the right, my poor wrist is now feeling its sister’s pain.

Please, let this be a warning to you: do not clean. Ever. Otherwise you’ll end up in the clinic and who wants to be there?


Anyway, the point to this long-winded story is that if you do anything too intensely, you will pay for it. After I completed the 3 octopi pictured for my little cousin’s 2nd birthday, I declared a moratorium on crocheting.

Don’t let their cuteness fool you, if you know how to crochet a single stitch you can crochet an octopus amugurumi. I followed this amazing tutorial on Youtube – definitely check it out my fellow hook-ers!


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  1. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions reading your post. Have you tried ergomonic crochet hooks? ( not sure if i can spell that. Sorry.)

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