Dairy-Free Hand Painted “Watercolor” Sugar Cookies

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After being asked to contribute to a very important bake sale, I consulted Pinterest for something that could potentially bring in a bunch of money for the very important cause. What caught my eye were meringues which I have previously made to quite the impression, and “watercolor” sugar cookies. Cookies that have a very hard icing so “paint” can easily be applied.

After consulting a few different websites, I found that most recipes used very similar ingredients. I wish I could remember those sites but if you recognize the recipe please give me a shout and I’ll give proper credit. Also, in place of butter and other dairy I used non-dairy alternatives and the cookies turned out perfectly fine.

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1 cup butter or butter alternative
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp milk or milk alternative
3 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Cream butter and sugar. Add egg and vanilla. Add milk. Add flour, soda, salt. Chill (I did overnight.) Heat oven to 350F. Roll out dough and bake 8-12 minutes.

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1 cup icing sugar
2 tsp milk or milk alternative
2 tsp light corn syrup
1/4 tsp almond extract

Mix everything together. Dip cookies into icing and let dry (overnight is easiest.) Ratios might need to be skewed a bit. In order to paint designs, mix gel food coloring with a clear extract or vodka and paint directly onto hardened icing. The alcohol will dry quickly. Only small bit of gel needed as a little goes a long way

clothing 010

3 large egg whites
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Heat oven to 200F. Beat egg whites on low until soft peaks. Add sugar a little at a time. Beat until stiff peaks on medium/high. Beat in vanilla. Pipe or spoon little meringues onto parchment paper. Add sprinkles if you like. Cook about 1.5 hours, rotating sheet. Time may need adjusted according to oven and size of meringues. Learn from my mistakes. The photo below is of meringues pulled too quickly. GROSS!

clothing 012


Around Town | The Valley Bakery


Sometimes the best things in life are right in front of you. And this bakery in Burnaby Heights is one of them. I used to frequent the area often but somehow was oblivious to the fact that this little bakery, inexpensive with a glorious selection of sweet and savory treats and breads, was right under my nose. Definitely check out The Valley Bakery!


Sponsored: Sawmill Creek Wines… Got me Drunk & Reminded Me of the Time my Best Friend Tried to Kill Me


This is my first sponsored post courtesy of BzzAgent. Having signed up about a year ago, I never took part in any campaign until I saw my favorite thing advertised in Gmail: alcohol. FREE alcohol, no less, so how could I refuse? Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to turn into some corporate-run advertisement. With work school, and bills to pay, who doesn’t enjoy a nice adult beverage in the evening? Especially when you don’t have to pay for it…

After receiving a giftcard in the mail, I went to the liquor store and picked up a couple bottles of Sawmill Creek Wines: a White Zinfandel because it is pink and Cabernet Sauvignon because I figured that’s what classy people drink. Considering the wines themselves are under $9 I don’t know why I thought that… Me? Rational? Nah.


Confession: I am not a wine fan. Why, you may ask, would a young lady prefer gin over the chic elegance of wine? Don’t I want to swirl and sniff the liquid happiness that pours out of maroon-colored bottles, all while blurting out adjectives like ‘oak-y’ ‘tobacco-y’ and ‘get-me-drunk-y’? Well, long story short, my distaste for wine was cemented Christmas Eve when I got quote-unquote “super happy” on my best friend’s homemade wine as she tried to KILL ME BY BAKING GLASS INTO A POTATO CASSEROLE. I ATE GLASS. I THOUGHT IT WAS CRUNCHY POTATOES.

potato 001

Please don’t blame me when I say I don’t care for fermented grape juice. It reminds me of the time my best friend tried to kill me. Now, back to the Sawmill Creek Wines. The other night before going to a concert, my sister and her friend polished off the bottle of White Zinfandel. They liked the light, dry, raspberry flavor and would definitely purchase it again considering the inexpensive price point. I also had a sip and I’m sorry Sawmill Creek Wines, but it reminded me of attempted murder… Delicious murder, but murder nonetheless.


RECIPE | A Healthier Zucchini Bread

healthy zucchini bread

When it comes right down to it, I do enjoy to bake. Only if all ingredients are at hand, though, and the counters are clear of debris and various dirty dishes. Which is seldom, unfortunately. But when I do bake I manage to make some tasty recipes and they almost always turn out. Almost…

This healthier zucchini bread turned out okay. A little too ‘bread-y,’ if you know what I mean. Tasted a bit plain and of too much flour, but it used up the zucchini ready to go bad in the fridge so who’s complaining?

healthy zucchini bread

To make it my own, I added a tablespoon each of dried cranberries and slivered almonds, but it might be too sweet for some. For the original recipe, click here. Would I make this again? Probably not. I’ve tried better bread recipes before but it is nice to branch out every once in a while.

healthy zucchini bread