Sponsored: Sawmill Creek Wines… Got me Drunk & Reminded Me of the Time my Best Friend Tried to Kill Me


This is my first sponsored post courtesy of BzzAgent. Having signed up about a year ago, I never took part in any campaign until I saw my favorite thing advertised in Gmail: alcohol. FREE alcohol, no less, so how could I refuse? Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to turn into some corporate-run advertisement. With work school, and bills to pay, who doesn’t enjoy a nice adult beverage in the evening? Especially when you don’t have to pay for it…

After receiving a giftcard in the mail, I went to the liquor store and picked up a couple bottles of Sawmill Creek Wines: a White Zinfandel because it is pink and Cabernet Sauvignon because I figured that’s what classy people drink. Considering the wines themselves are under $9 I don’t know why I thought that… Me? Rational? Nah.


Confession: I am not a wine fan. Why, you may ask, would a young lady prefer gin over the chic elegance of wine? Don’t I want to swirl and sniff the liquid happiness that pours out of maroon-colored bottles, all while blurting out adjectives like ‘oak-y’ ‘tobacco-y’ and ‘get-me-drunk-y’? Well, long story short, my distaste for wine was cemented Christmas Eve when I got quote-unquote “super happy” on my best friend’s homemade wine as she tried to KILL ME BY BAKING GLASS INTO A POTATO CASSEROLE. I ATE GLASS. I THOUGHT IT WAS CRUNCHY POTATOES.

potato 001

Please don’t blame me when I say I don’t care for fermented grape juice. It reminds me of the time my best friend tried to kill me. Now, back to the Sawmill Creek Wines. The other night before going to a concert, my sister and her friend polished off the bottle of White Zinfandel. They liked the light, dry, raspberry flavor and would definitely purchase it again considering the inexpensive price point. I also had a sip and I’m sorry Sawmill Creek Wines, but it reminded me of attempted murder… Delicious murder, but murder nonetheless.



Finally, It Is Here: Alanna’s Thrift Haul #1!


Phew, I have finally filmed, edited, and uploaded my first try at a thrift haul video. It has spent countless months on the back burner, but I did it! It may be bare bones without a fancy title, background music, and it may even be out of focus, but it will help me keep on keepin’ on and pushing forward with regard to my Etsy shop.


Over the past few months I have found that if I don’t spread myself too thin, my projects are more fulfilling and entertaining both for me to make and for others to watch. Now I hope focus solely on my website writing blog posts, continuing with photography, and working on my Etsy shop and its Facebook page. Priorities keep me sane!

Without further ado, here is Alanna’s Thrift Haul Video #1! Enjoy!

TUTORIAL: How to Enhance a Sunset Photograph in Photoshop

This past St. Patrick’s Day I happened to witness a beautifully vibrant sunset in Langley, BC. What made it so great was the clarity of the sky and the contrasting blue and orange colors.

When I glanced outside while doing the dishes, my instincts kicked in and I grabbed my Canon Rebel T3 to try to capture what I saw. The original photographs were, to me, absolutely fine and didn’t need enhancement to begin with. But because I love to play around in Photoshop, I tried to best mother nature using Levels and Curves.

Enhancing the sunset photographs in Photoshop was pretty easy – recommended for beginners and anyone with an eye for color. It’s all about trial and error! Again, this is just from my experience as a Photoshop and photography amateur, so don’t blame me when it all goes south! Always keep a backup… I’ve learned the hard way.

  1. Open the landscape/sunset photograph in Photoshop
  2. Crop image if need be
  3. Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Curves
  4. Using trial and error, move the point on the histogram to brighten and enhance the photo’s colors
  5. Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Levels
  6. Move the black arrow to where most of the black starts on the left
  7. Move the white arrow to where most of the white part starts on the right
  8. Save!