Published: The Ballad of Kim Campbell

Yay! My video The Ballad of Kim Campbell and accompanying blog piece is now published on the Dancing with the Octopus blog!

Oh Kim Campbell, what could have been…

Click HERE to read it and to find out more about Dancing with the Octopus and their initiative involving women and politics in Canada!

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Now, if only this spambot comment was genuine! Haha!


Wanted in Heaven Music Video

So I created another video for my friend Vaughn Swenson but I am pretty unhappy with how it turned out. Maybe because I was delaying it for so long, I kind of rushed through it and definitely did not give the song its due moment. Oh well, I have some awesome kid clown footage to use for another video… something more upbeat!

Used Adobe Premiere Pro for the edit and Adobe After Effects for everything else. I actually taught myself some new techniques and effects though I haven’t had the chance to try them out. Next time… next time…