she came from planet powwow (but she can’t dance), 2018 ph. Steve Lee
dismantled and hand-sewn fake nina ricci purple fur cape, seed beads, thread


mam n me, 2018
latex, moss, seed beads, thread


disassembled totem of a low blood-quantum indian, 2018
red cedar totem offcuts


gawi’g, 2018
cotton fabric, paint


my children, 2017-present
birchbark, bracket fungi, moss, halloween wig, dollar store plastic plants, woven walmart plastic bags, paper, seed beads, 3d doodle pen, copper wire, porcupine quills, fringe, ash splints, sequins, gorilla glue




untitled, 2017
ginko leaves, glitter, found natural clay dried and sifted



mi’kma’ki, 2017
seed beads on felt


this is authentic series, 2016 – 2017
birchbark, suede, porcupine quills, silicone, moss



burlap series, 2016
burlap, found charcoal from a fire



untitled, 2016
red cedar, corn husks



ashlee, 2016
yellow cedar



untitled abstract paintings, 2016
acrylic on paper



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