Sponsored: Review of Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Collection

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You know I won’t say no to free products, so when I was asked to review Herbal Essences’ Wild Naturals Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Oil package, I clicked YES for a couple reasons. One, I hate spending money on necessary things. Two, I’ve never been impressed by shampoo/conditioner. And three, I actually do love hair oil and the one I had was running out.

As soon as I opened the package I received in the mail, I was awash in the sweet scent of this Wild Naturals line. Tropical. Fruity. It just smells amazing. Go to your closest drugstore and take a whiff! Unfortunately though, the shampoo and conditioner don’t really keep a scent on your hair once it is washed. Only the hair oil seems to.

The shampoo and conditioner don’t really fail, but they don’t really impress either. They just do their job. The real winner in this pack is the hair oil. When I walked into work with my hair down a fellow employee asked why my hair looked so good! A few days later I walked into a shoe store and bam, again a woman came up to me and complimented my hair.

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My secret I found was to use a few pumps because of my length, put my hair up in a bun or braid, then let it down once I was ready to go out. My hair looked voluminous, wavy, and healthy and people noticed.

For I think around $7 at the drugstore, and for the time it lasts, I would definitely recommend picking up Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Hair Oil. It makes your hair shiny, disguises split ends, and just smells so darn good!

*Somehow my roommate is unable to take a steady, well-composed photo…


Sponsored: Sawmill Creek Wines… Got me Drunk & Reminded Me of the Time my Best Friend Tried to Kill Me


This is my first sponsored post courtesy of BzzAgent. Having signed up about a year ago, I never took part in any campaign until I saw my favorite thing advertised in Gmail: alcohol. FREE alcohol, no less, so how could I refuse? Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to turn into some corporate-run advertisement. With work school, and bills to pay, who doesn’t enjoy a nice adult beverage in the evening? Especially when you don’t have to pay for it…

After receiving a giftcard in the mail, I went to the liquor store and picked up a couple bottles of Sawmill Creek Wines: a White Zinfandel because it is pink and Cabernet Sauvignon because I figured that’s what classy people drink. Considering the wines themselves are under $9 I don’t know why I thought that… Me? Rational? Nah.


Confession: I am not a wine fan. Why, you may ask, would a young lady prefer gin over the chic elegance of wine? Don’t I want to swirl and sniff the liquid happiness that pours out of maroon-colored bottles, all while blurting out adjectives like ‘oak-y’ ‘tobacco-y’ and ‘get-me-drunk-y’? Well, long story short, my distaste for wine was cemented Christmas Eve when I got quote-unquote “super happy” on my best friend’s homemade wine as she tried to KILL ME BY BAKING GLASS INTO A POTATO CASSEROLE. I ATE GLASS. I THOUGHT IT WAS CRUNCHY POTATOES.

potato 001

Please don’t blame me when I say I don’t care for fermented grape juice. It reminds me of the time my best friend tried to kill me. Now, back to the Sawmill Creek Wines. The other night before going to a concert, my sister and her friend polished off the bottle of White Zinfandel. They liked the light, dry, raspberry flavor and would definitely purchase it again considering the inexpensive price point. I also had a sip and I’m sorry Sawmill Creek Wines, but it reminded me of attempted murder… Delicious murder, but murder nonetheless.